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Our true destiny...is a world built from the bottom up

Since our last newsletter at the end of August several major milestones have been achieved by the Clara Anna Fontein community.

We had our first General Meeting of the Property Owners Association on the 19th of October...

November 2017

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Continuous effort is the key to reaching our potential

The past month at Clara Anna Fontein, as always, have been a very busy time. During the Biometric registering process, I met many of the Property Owners face to face for the first time....

August 2017

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There have been many happenings

With time as if it's on fast forward, it time again to present you with the latest Estate happenings. There have been many happenings, mostly positive which will bring property owners closer to fulfilling the vision and purposes of Clara Anna Fontein as a home....

July 2017

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Building Progress, Individual Properties, De Werf and The Village

It's been a while since our last newsletter so there is a lot to share and with half the year behind us, we can confidently measure and assess our goals for the rest of the year...

June 2017

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Breaking ground on the 1st house being build

As we are concluding the first quarter of 2017, we are hopefully saying good bye to a summer of extremes in heat, wind...

March/April 2017

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